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Accessorize Your Cooking Experience: Must-Have Extras for Your Meater Probe

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    You’ve invested in the innovative MeaterProbe wireless smart meat thermometer to step up your grilling and smoking game. But did you know a few simple add-on accessories can take your MeaterProbe experience to the next level?

    Read on for the top extras that will customize and enhance how you use your MeaterProbe.

    meater probe

    Protective Sleeve

    A silicone sleeve helps protect your MeaterProbe from bumps, knocks, and moisture during transport and storage.

    Slide the sleeve over the probe end when not in use to prevent any chips, cracks or scratches to the sensitive stainless steel spike. The sleeve slides off easily when you’re ready to start probing.

    Extra Replacement Probes

    It can be handy to keep extra MeaterProbes on hand for replacements or to expand your monitoring capabilities. Probes may get worn or damaged over time, so having a backup ensures you’re never without this important cooking tool. Additional probes also allow you to monitor even more items at once.

    Extended Charging Cable

    The standard MeaterProbe charging cable is quite short which limits placement options for the dock. A 3-6 foot extended USB charging cable allows you to position the dock farther away from an outlet while still receiving the wireless signal from your probe. Keep your cooking area clutter-free.

    Premium Carrying Case

    A dedicated case provides safe portability and organization for your MeaterProbe setup. Look for leather or heavy-duty canvas cases with custom cutouts for securely transporting the probe, charger, and mobile device together to the grill site or kitchen. Premium cases protect your investment when on the go.

    Spare Batteries

    While MeaterProbe has an impressive 24-hour battery life, having backup AAA batteries on hand ensures you never run out of juice mid-cook. Store extra batteries properly for longevity and replace them in the probe once depleted. Disposable batteries allow you to power through extra-long smoking sessions.

    Grill Mount / Magnets

    Affixing your MeaterProbe dock magnetically to your grill, oven or fridge keeps it in place securely. The dock must stand upright toward the probe, so quality magnets with strong adhesion prevent sliding. Keep the dock close to the heat source for best connectivity.

    Insulated Gloves

    When handling extremely hot probes, insulated gloves protect your hands and fingers. Look for quilted gloves that allow dexterity for safely removing probes after prolonged usage at high cooking temperatures. Always grip the probe base instead of exposed steel.

    Wireless Signal Booster

    If you experience connectivity issues between the probe and dock, a signal booster can extend the range an extra 50 feet or more. Simply plug into any outlet halfway between the probe and dock to pick up and re-transmit the wireless signal. Eliminate dead zones.

    Smart Kitchen Tools

    MeaterProbe is part of a new wave of smart cooking gadgets. Expand the ecosystem with MeaterProbe compatible tools like automated pellet grills, multi-zone sous vide immersion circulators, and internet-connected ovens for advanced remote monitoring capabilities. Leverage MeaterProbe’s precision with other wireless innovations to take the guesswork out of cooking.

    Third-Party Probe Clips

    Clip your probe securely onto grates or oven racks with third-party spring-loaded clips. The sensitive probe tip should never directly touch metal or it will affect readings. These aftermarket clips firmly attach probes during long cooks to prevent shifting.

    Calibration Tools

    While MeaterProbes self-calibrate, reference thermometers let you periodically validate calibration. Use an ice bath or boiling water to double-check accuracy. NIST-traceable thermometers give you confidence in your MeaterProbe’s precision. Recalibrate as needed.

    Custom Probe ID Tags

    When using multiple probes for big cookouts, probe ID tags help differentiate which readings are coming from each probe. Tags that attach to probe wires come in various colors so you can color-code meat types or grill zones. No more confusion!

    meater probe with temperature display

    Additional Temperature Probes

    Expand your real-time temperature monitoring capabilities by pairing extra Bluetooth thermometer probes with your MeaterProbe setup. Insert both the MeaterProbe and secondary probes into your meat for redundant readings or to track multiple spots. Some probes even allow wireless daisy chaining.

    Ambient Temperature Tracker

    Monitor coolers, fridges, sous vide baths, proofing boxes, etc. with a wireless ambient thermometer. Get alerts if temperatures stray outside desired ranges. The data enhances understanding of how environmental factors impact your cooks.

    Moisture Meter

    A wireless moisture meter helps track moisture loss to understand drying rates for items like beef jerky or fruit leather. Moisture data coupled with MeaterProbe temperature insights provides a complete picture.

    Remote Lighting Controls

    Automate lighting over your grill or smoker with wirelessly controllable LED lights. Set lights to turn on/off automatically at certain ambient temperatures for safety. Extend cooks into the night!

    Probe Holder Apron

    A specialized cooking apron with built-in probe holders keeps your MeaterProbe tidy and prevents probes from laying on dirty surfaces. Pockets secure probes upright when not monitoring food. Stay organized!

    Probe Wipes

    Pre-packaged alcohol probe wipes provide a convenient way to sanitize between insertions and prevent cross-contamination. Disinfecting is critical when handling raw meats. Carry wipes to the grill for easy cleaning.

    Calibration Ice Packs

    Custom ice packs that achieve specific melting point temperatures allow periodic thermometer calibration. Simply insert probes into packs to validate accuracy. Look for reference packs that melt at precisely 0°C or 32°F.

    Protective Probe Tubes

    Insulated stainless steel tubes protect delicate MeaterProbe tips from damage during storage and transport. They prevent accidental cracks, chips or scratches when tossed in a bag or drawer. Probe sleeves provide peace of mind.

    Rapid Charger

    A dedicated rapid charging cradle delivers a full charge in just one hour instead of two plus. Great for quickly topping up between back-to-back cooks. The rapid charger should safely charge without damaging batteries.

    waterproof meater probe

    Custom Meat Branding Stamp

    Brand your grilling creations by imprinting steaks or burgers with a custom stamp. Add your name, logo, or signature design. Let guests know who expertly cooked the meat! Apply branding after searing just before serving.

    Outfitting your MeaterProbe setup with convenient accessories enhances usability and expands functionality. Protect your investment, amplify connectivity, and customize monitoring to truly unlock MeaterProbe’s capabilities. With the right extras, your wireless thermometer will deliver smoking and grilling success for years to come. Happy probing!



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